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Your Satisfaction is My Priority

For all your pet grooming needs come to Alis Palis Pet Grooming...we groom all breeds of dogs . Hours are by appointment only .

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Canine Hairdresser


Alis Palis was established more than 45 years ago and has been responsible for providing outstanding service ever since. Our specialty is in the area of dog grooming. Our regular customers particularly value the compassion and understanding that is shown towards their pets.

Hours of operation:

Monday and Tuesday 9:30am -4pm

Wednesday - Saturday  9:30am - 5pm

​Walk in nail trims are welcome Wednesday-Saturday between 11am & 4pm, otherwise nail trims on Mondays and Tuesdays will be by appointment only.

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Meeting All of Your Needs

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Dog in Action


Your canine fur baby services includes the following:

  • BATHING we have several types of shampoo. bluing for white coats, soothing aloe scent for every day use, and sensitive soap for those with  allergies or sensitive skin. Our flea shampoo has a pleasant citrus smell designed to kill live fleas on your pet and also soothes the pets skin at the same time from all the flea bites. Finally a blueberry face wash which is tear- less.

  • ANAL GLAND EXPRESSION (only done upon request) a reason to get this done is  because before dogs were domesticated they would express their own glands to mark their that they have set territories (their backyards), there is no need for them to express them and when they don't express this can lead to impaction and swelling and a vet bill to remove the gland in some cases.

  • NAIL TRIMS...we get them as short as we can! We will file them also to make them smooth. 

  • HAIRCUTS...this can be from a short shave which is called a kennel cut or a longer cut which is called a puppy cut. For the longer cut your pet will have to be knot  free. The attachments we use  will not go through knotted fur and also if the pet is severely matted it would be painful to have to brush them all out. I recommend brushing your pet 3 to 4 times a week to prevent knotting for those with longer fur.

  • EAR HAIR PLUCKING AND CLEANING...this is done so the ear can breathe and with the hair removed the ear will not trap moisture and cause ear infections.

  • for shedding dogs we recommend a once a month visit to help cut back on shedding. It will not completely stop the shedding but you should see less hair on the floor. We use powerful dryers and shedding tools to get the hair out.

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                    Please note we are beauticians not magicians and what I mean by that is coat types that are cottony like bichons, poodles, shih tzu's , maltese and most labra/goldendoodles, need to see a groomer at least once a month to help keep the knots out of the coat, and you also need to do a lot of brushing and combing at home in between grooming visits to keep the knots out. Knots are uncomfortable they accumulate dirt and bacteria, and we as groomers sometimes find open sores beneath the knots when we shave them off. Ouch!!

                     When dropping off your pet we usually need to keep them for 4 to 5 hours depending on how busy the day is. The reason for this is well every pet will act differently on the table. Some may be really good and others may need some extra attention and effort.  We are working with noisy and sharp instruments and sometimes pets get scared so its good not to rush so accidents don't happen. You may call or text us for your next appointment at the number below or reach us through our facebook page. We try to make sure every pet is comfortable while they spend their day at the spa.

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